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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company

Hawkvine Anti-Drone Gun HV-ADS002 Description and Features:

ADS002 Anti-Drone Gun is a Drone Detection and Counting System which can interfere and suppress he remote controller and GPRS signal and quickly control the drone for forced landing.The development of UAV brings us a lot of opportunities and convenience in various industries such as media, traffic, environment, geology, disaster rescue, etc. But there are challenges to go alongside the opportunities. As we all know, the drone is now also considered as a threatening to the public security, personal privacy, aviation safety and even a weapon of the terrorists. How to prevent and combat it becomes a more and more important problem to the law-enforcement department of every countries.

ADS002 Features:
●Highly integrated and precise
●3.5 times optical zoom
●Suppress signal by accurate aerial direction positioning system
●Easy to carry and operate
●Support dual band signal(2.4Ghz &GPS) interference
●Long operating battery life: 2 hours

ADS002 Specification:
Interference range: 400 meters
Equipment weight: 2.7KG
Power: 10W
Battery life: 2 Hours
Dimension: 840*308*90mm

ADS002 Accessories:
Case with signal interference & power supply
Anti-rifle gun and bag

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