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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company
Drone Defender

Hawkvine Drone Defender HV-ADS008 Specification:

Passive radar detection device can achieve search to detect low space and other defense areas within the activities of the target in all-direction and under all-weather, while achieve direction, distance measurement for UAV and the controller. using the multi-passive radar networking features.

Target positioning map when there’re two passive radar detection devices cross the coverage
When there’s only one passive radar detection device in the system, the device can find the direction by detecting UAV radiation electromagnetic wave signal. when there’re two or more passive radar detection devices in the system, It can detect the UAV radiation electromagnetic signal or the control signal issued by the controller in the cross-coverage area at the same time. Position of the UAV and the controller could be calculated in the cross-coverage area using the triangulation method.

ADS008 Features:
●Precise direction measurement, stereo protection
●Functional integration, reverse positioning
●omnidirectional passive reception, no electromagnetic radiation,
●Complete UAV signature database, Synchronously data update

How to use ADS008?
Passive radar detection device can be used to set up a tripod, it’s suitable for important places to temporarily increase the security level; it can be installed on the commuter roof, to form a dynamic UAV protection area for occasions such as important people travelling, low-altitude security of large-scale activities. Supporting the interference device components into a check and strike in one anti-UAV system, it can be fixed deployment long-term all-weather black fly UAV protection needs for high security level units.

Model No.HV-ADS008
Detection frequency range840—930MHz,2400—2480MHz,5725-5850MHz
Detection orientationOmnidirectional 360°
Detection distanceRadius:2 km, 5 km (Optional)
Measurement accuracy of direction≤±5°(2km);≤±2°(5km)
Power supplyPOE、DC 24V
TargetingSingle point direction measurement, cross positioning
Degree of protectionIP65
Communication Interfacewired(LAN)+wireless(LoRa)
Installation methodFixed, portable, car mounted

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