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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company
Drone Jammer

Hawkvine Drone Jammer HV-ADS010 Specification:

First level defence distance:500m
Second level defence distance:150m
Transmit power:+33dBm/GPS, +30 dBm/2.4Ghz
Antenna gain:18dBi/GPS, 18dBi/2.4Ghz
Mobile power:available
Working Temperature:-40°C~85°C

The suppression and interference mainly through the GPS/Wireless communication in the tuning band to generate broadband or narrowband active noise signal in the formation of suppressed interference in space radiation environment, artificially pass the noise to the GPS/Wireless communication receiver, increasing its input noise level, reduce its signal to noise ratio, thus interfering with the normal work of UAV. In principle, the jamming machine includes noise generation module, power amplifier module and transimit antenna three functional parts.

ADS010 has dual defense mode, the First Level defense can warn the drones,would not damage any “unintetional” UAV in wrong places which do not know where is the No-fly zone’ the Second-level defense can stop the”intentional” UAV in the restricted area, so that the UAV would be trapped in a electronic signal fence and waiting for next action.

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