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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company
Drone Sprayer

Drone Sprayer AD002 is a high-efficiency agricultural drone for crop protection, especially designed for the large farmlands. It is multi-functional by replacing different containers to realize different functions, to spray liquid farming chemical, to deliver granular fertilizers or seeds, to spray powder, to transport goods, crop reconnaissance and others. Creative cross layout structure, lighter weight, minimum volume, heavy loading and excellent wind-resistance. It flies at the direction of cross to spray widely effectively. Nozzles are fixed under the propellers and the downward can enhance the penetration effect and swing the leaves up and down to spray farming chemicals on both sides.

AD002 Features Summary:
●Systematically creative cross layout structure
●Foldable cross design
●Multi-functional platform
●Optimal sprayer system structure
●Simple and high-efficiency sprayer design
●Patented chemical containers
●Full-color bright LED strip for recognition
●High-efficiency and ventilated motors and high-quality annular electronic speed regulators
● High utilization rate of power
●High-strength carbon propeller rings
●High-strength carbon fiber and aerial aluminum

AD002 Specification:

Outer Size : 3900X3900X680MM
Duration of Flight : 15-20 Min
Single Work Period :7-9 Min
Flight Speed : 0-8 M/S
Spray Width : 8-10 M
Propeller Size : 30 inch
Net Weight(with no battery) :17.5 KG
Spray Flow : 1.5-4.1 L/Min
20 KG for liquid
20-25 KG for granule
20-25 KG for powder
Work Efficiency:
1.6-2 Ha/7-9 Min for liquid
20-25 KG/1-2 Min for granule
20-25 KG/3-5 Min for powder
UA7 Charger
Duration of Charge :30 Min
Charging Quantity at one time :4 PCS
YR-DC5.5 Battery
One Set 4*5500MAH

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