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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company
Drones Surveying

Drone Surveying MP006 Key Features
● Simple construction design, easy to assemble in short time
● Full automatic operation, controlled by GCS
● Dual-differential Module (GPS and PPK) and reduce 80% control points collection
● Intelligent PPS and POS data export software make sure the data integrity
● VTOL, no requirement for runway and airspace, high efficiency
● Aircraft-grade reliability, perfect system surveillance warning and emergency processing logic
● Apply in PowerlinePipeline Inspection, Disaster Prevention, Geological Survey, Emergency Response, etc

MP006 specification:
●Material:Fiber glass
●Suitcase Size:1.5×0.5×0.5m
Takeoff & Landing:
●Takeoff & Landing Method:VTOL
●Landing Accuracy:5cm
Flight Specifications
●Wind Resistance:10.7m/s
● Flight Endurance:100min
●Battery:25.2V,10000mAh for rotor wings 25.2V,30000mAh for fixed wings.
●Max Speed:108km/h
●Cruise Speed:75km/h
●Ceiling Altitude:4km
●SonyA7R (Standard):36 megapixel
●SonyA7RII (Optional):42 megapixel
Autopilot System
●GPS Module
●Data Update Frequency:10Hz
●Positioning Accuracy:2.5M
●Tri-Axis Gyroscope
●Rate Noise Density:0.02deg/s/sqrt(Hz)RMS
●Tri-Axis Accelerometer
●Noise Density:0.06mg/sqrt(Hz)RMS
●Tri-Axis Magnetic Sensor
●Air Pressure Sensor
● Height Resolution:0.1m
●Dynamic Pressure Range:13.78Kpa
●Maximum Airspeed:150m/s(540km/h)
●Internal Data Logger:32MB
●Aerial POS Quantity:8000+
●Integrated Data Link:902-928MHz1W>30K

●Pix4D Aerial Mapping Data Processing System(Point Cloud processing,DOM,DSM,DEM,aerialtriangulation)
●Context Capture Aerial Tilt photography System(Tiltphoto-graphydataprocessing,3DModeling)

MP006 is VTOL fixed wing UAV, using fixed wing with four rotors of composite wing layout form, in a simple and reliable way to solve the problem of the fixed wing VTOL. MP006 owns both long fixed-wing UAV navigation time, high speed and far distance features and the function of the rotorcraft UAV VTOL.

Intelligent Dual differential Module
Dual differential system can achieve RTK and PPK automatic switching based on communication environment. The RTKPPK vertical and Horizontal accuracy can up to centimeter level.

Long endurance
Main body use lightweight macromolecule fiber glass materials and special model design more comply with aerodynamic principle which can achieve long endurance (70 mins ), fast cruise speed (20ms).

Easy to Operate
MP006 electric UAV can fully automatic & vertical take off and landing, it is easy to assemble without tools and easy to transport, which is an ideal choice for separate operation. Autonomous flight all the way, without operator intervention to complete cruise, flight state transitions, such as VTOL.

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