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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company

Hawkvine Night Vision 1080P 1500M SDI Interface HV-NC027 features:

●With 50X optical zoom, laser power: 25W, clear monitor 1500m in the complete lightless environment. Support 1080P HD, HD-SDI interface.
●Sodium Lamp AWB
●Infrared focus and self-correct function
●Wide dynamic range and light inhibition function.
●Adopting Dynamic Intelligent reduces hot-pixel technology, reduce the image noise and have better image.
●Laser light spot saving patent technologies. Light spot can be user-defined and save in memory. (Patent)
●HPLM laser mirror assembly ensures the prefect optical axis alignment.
●Adopting multiple leading technologies, mainly FTIS, ATPC, high-efficiency and precision constant circuit design to ensure the long life of the laser.
●Military A grade big power laser, adopting BRP the homogenization technology, laser expected life above 20,000 hrs.
●Synchronized zoom function, the laser angle can automatically adapt to FOV without manual operation(Patent)
●2D optical axis adjustment mechanism facilitates users to calibrate optical axis.
●Surge & Lightning protection function, the effective lightning range is 2500VA.
●Built-in Chinese and English menu, Multi-language menu optional
●PTZ position info display function (latitude and longitude)
●With 80 precision positions preset, 8 tour groups, and pattern scan and lateral scan function.
●360° horizontal rotation, 40°~-70 vertical rotation, not blind point monitor
●Timing function. Timing function preset for PTZ and camera.
●Integrated wiper and fax for lens cleaning and fog dispersion
●High rigidity and sealing, IP66 protection grade

Model No.HV-NC027
Effect Distance1500m at night, 4000m at daytime
Laser TypeLaser wavelength:0.8-2.5um, Military A grade laser, the life: above 20,000 hrs
Laser output power25W
Light spot HomogenizationRandom Phase Plate (BRP) homogenization technology
Laser mirror assemblyHPLM laser mirror assembly ensures prefect optical axis alignment
Laser power supplyAdopting FTIS, ATPC etc., high-efficiency and precision constant power supply design
Optical axis calibration2D optical axis auto-adjustment mechanism and manual adjustment back up.
Illumination angle0.6° to 48°, electric-driven continuous and precise adjustment, with Synchronous zooming
Imaging sensor1/1.8’’ Exmor CMOS 2.0mega pixel
Lens50x optical zoom,16x digital zoom, f=10~500mm,F3.8~C.
Image definition1920*1080
Focusing systemAutomatic/Manual, with patented high-speed night focuses technology
Infrared focus and self-correct function
IlluminationColor 0.5Lx (F1.35),Black&White 0.003(F1.35)
Day and nightPhotosensitive/camera/timing, double filters automatically-switch function.
Intelligent Noise ReductionYes
Wide Dynamic rangeOn/Off, with light inhibition setting.
Speed controlManual: Horizontal 0.01 ° / sec to 60 ° / sec, Vertical 0.01 ° / sec to 30 ° / sec, Preset:100°/sec
rotation angle360°horizontal, 40°~-75 vertical, no blind areas monitoring.
Preset position80 preset positions (preset accuracy 0.01°)
Memory function keeps position and accuracy data remain even after power off.
Latitude and longitude position displayOn/Off
Idle time functionIdle 1-240 minutes, it will execute preset position, lateral scan, cruise group order.
Timing functionTiming for image turn color to black, alarm, pattern scan
Cruise group8 cruising tracks, each cruise tracks have 80 inspection points.
Superposition of characterBoth mandarin and English
Support ABC input, digital input, Chinese intelligent input and character input.
Privacy maskOn/Off(8 zones)
Video output interfaceSupBNC, 1.5G rate digital HD-SDI interface
Communication interfaceSupport AITHINK、PELCO-D/P protocol
baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600, Address range:1~255
Power supply interfaceAC24V max power consumption: 130W; 120W without heater.
Manual demist, defrostingOn/Off
Integrated wiperOn/Off
Applicable environmental-55°C~65°C, Humidity ≤95%RH ( Non-condensing )
Anti-wind capabilityWork correctly at 150km/hr wind speed, and withstand the max speed of 210km/hrs.
Surge and lightning protection functionPower interface: 4500V, communication and video interface: 2500V
Protection classIP66 
Net weight33KG
night vision
military night vision
night vision camera
infrared night vision

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