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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company

Marine Drone USV008 Advantage Functions:
1.Hull module
●Portable Double-M design with ultra shallow draft
●Kevlar&carbon high-strength composite
●Propellers with ducted design and protective shield
●High endurance with extendable battery
2.Sounding module
●Professional HD-MAX sounding module range from 0.15~300m
●Digital and simulative echo signals combined
●Independent HiMAX software available for collecting,guiding and post-processing
●Underwater topographic survey
●Underwater landscape survey
●Hydrographic survey
●Water quality monitoring

Model No.HV-USV008
Hull Parameter 
Weight 14KG
Hull material Kevlar & Carbon fiber high-strength composite 
Boat ShapeDouble-M streamline design,low barycentre,small resistance 
Anti-wave &wind 3rd wind level and 2nd wave level 
Power and electrical parameter 
Battery endurance 4hours at 2m/s
Top speed 4.5m/s
Propulsion Brushless DC outdrivers 
Propeller Type Two ducted propellers
Direction control veering without steering engine and sailing reverseky 
Safety Guarantee 
Auto-return Auto-return while low battery or dropped signal 
Ashore Base 
Operating system Supporting Windows and Android 
Communicating mode RF point to point in real-time 
Transmission distance Wireless bridge 2KM(5KM,10KM,15KM optional)
Navigation Mode Manual or autopilot,switchover at any time 
Intelligent Controller 
Communication Mode RF point to point in real-time 
Reacting distance 2KM
Waterproof IP65
Function work mode switch in real-time,basic information display of USV 
velocity and direction control of USV.
Sounding Performance 
Work Frequency 200Khz
Beam Angle 5°±0.5°
Sounding range 0.15m~300m
Sounding resolution 1cm±0.1,1cm depth resolution 
Location Accuracy 
RTKHorizontal :±8mm+1ppm RMS  Vertical :±15mm+1ppm RMS
Beacon (optional)0.5m

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