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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company
micro underwater observation vehicles
Hawkvine No.HV-ROV018
Size416mmX355mmX210mm (length X width x height)
Weight in air2.8kg
Sailing speed3kn(still water)
Action3 axis
Course0.1 ° resolution, 2 ° accuracy, fixed heading stability 1 °
DepthFixed depth stability ± 0.1m
Extracurricular temperature0.01 resolution, accuracy 0.8 °
Attitude, roll, pitch0.1 ° resolution, 2 ° accuracy
Cabin Environment + leakingTemperature, pressure, humidity, leak monitoring
Control box
Remote controlBluetooth remote control handle tablet computer
External interfaceExternal charge port (5V / 1A)
power system
Single propeller positive thrust0.7kg
Forward advancing1.4kg
Observation system
Focal length3.6mm fixed focus
PTZ activities rangeLevel: -55 ° to 55 °, or vertical: -55 ° to 55 ° (angle value)
Flashlight2X6W (highlight LED)
Luminous flux1200Lm
Power input
AC power supply220V / 1A
DC access24-48V battery pack input (24V)
Packaging (optional)
Dedicated portable case550mmX42mmX245mm (length X width x height)
Internal contains: the main body, control box, remote control

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