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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine Mini ROV

HV-ROV001 Configuration:

The camera shell can prevent the underwater compact and sand grinding.
Front camera adopts the latest patent technology which can be vertically rotary 180degree,LED light always tracks with the camera,which is unprecedented.Downward looking camera can see what has been collected by the manipulator clearly
Console:Host computer control,19inch high light monitor
Manipulator:Stainless steel manipulator,controlled by console,adopting eagle vertical grasping design, shell shape involution closed design and can equip with high magnet to absorb the steel weapons.
DVR:500G,video and picture can be stored at the same time,USB port,easy to export
Body:UHMW-PE material which can use more than 20years,suitable for ocean,lakes,ponds,rivers
Camera:can take photos
Cable:100M cable,special for underwater use,bear weight of 100kg,diving depth 100M
Illumination:2 sets of 15W underwater high perspective red LED light,light tracks camera technology
Motor:4 sets of thrusters with controllable speed,control the robot to move forward,backward,left,right,up and down.Maximum forward and upward pushing force can reach 20kg.
Compass:Surface compass and underwater compass,can show the direction of console and robot,so the operators can confirm the sailing angular deviation quickly
GPS:Show the GPS location,record 1000 GPS coordinate point location,have the seeking functions in 0.5-100KM radius
Sailing:Speed 0-2m/s,depth sensor,auto depth sailing,auto depth suspension,auto direction sailing
Power consumption:Max AC 200-240V 2500W
Visible distance:Efficient observation distance for one class water is above 5m
Robot size and weight:680*470*540mm 21kg
Console size and weight:500*430*240mm 15kg
Working temperature:-20 – 40℃
Packing:Aluminum case

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