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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company

Hawkvine GNSS Receiver HV-GR019 Features:
●Adopting advanced Pacific Crest Maxwell 6 custom survey GNSS technology, GR019 GNSS Continuously Operating Reference Station(CORS) system with 220 channels for multi-constellation tracking provides high accuracy, productivity and efficiency. It is capable of tracking signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass(BeiDou) constellations.
●Embedded with Linux operation system to support multi-user, multi-task and multi-platform operation with complete system connectivity. Five RS232 ports, Ethernet port, GSM antenna port, high accurate atomic clock port, and four power inputs combined with an industry leading 20Hz data rate, GR019 provides high speed connections both in and out of the reference station.
●provides data for postprocessing and it provides an accurate reference station service that can be used in the filed by multiple one-person crews. The reference station network can be built up with several reference stations to increase the area of coverage. With the capability of collecting and saving RINEX and BINEX data, GR019 is fully compatible with the existing CORS networks in the world market, perfect for establishing new CORS systems or expanding current CORS networks.
●Has exceptionally low power consumption, simultaneously supports multiple-way AC/DC power supply such as solar or wind-solar hybrid power supply. Also, GR019 has backup power supply to ensure no data is missed. GR019 has internal compact flash card with up to 1GB of data storage and available for maximum 32GB data storage extension by SD card. It supports long-time massive data storage, and the data is well backed up during output.

Model No.HV-GR019
Satellite Signals Tracked Simultaneously
GPSSimultaneous L1C/A, L2C, L2E, L5
GLONASSSimultaneous L1C/A, L1P, L2C/A (GLONASS M only), L2P
GalileoSimultaneous L1 BOC, E5A, E5B, E5AltBOC (Reserved)
Compass(Beidou)Simultaneous B1,B2
Positioning Performance
Code Differential GNSS Positioning
Horizontal25cm+1ppm RMS
Vertical50cm+1ppm RMS
SBAS Differential Positioning Accuracy typically<5m 3DRMS
Static and Fast Static GNSS Surveying
Horizontal2.5mm+0.5ppm RMS
Vertical5mm+0.5ppm RMS
Single-epoch dynamic resolution 
Horizontal2.5mm+1ppm RMS
Vertical5mm+1ppm RMS
Single baseline <30Km
Horizontal8mm+1ppm RMS
Vertical15mm+1ppm RMS
Networkd RTK
Horizontal8mm+0.5ppm RMS
Vertical15mm+0.5ppm RMS
Initialization time Less than 30s initialization reliability :over 99.9%
Static and Fast Static GNSS Surveying
Horizontal2.5mm+1ppm RMS
Vertical5mm+1ppm RMS
Dimensions (W x H)22.5cm×13.8cm x 7.00cm
Operating temperature-40°C to 65°C (-40℉ to +149℉)
Storage temperature-40°C to 75°C (-40℉ to +167℉)
Humidity100%, considering
Water/dustproofIP67 dustproof, protected from temporary immersion to depth of 1m(3.28ft)
Power consumption4W
BatteryRechargeable, removable 3.7V/6300mAh Lithium-ion battery, supports online charging
Power input7-32V DC Input
Operation time 250 Hours continuous work by 93Ah Accumulator
I/O Interface
5 X RS232 port,support meteorology equipment,clinometers and other sensor devices
1 X Ethernet Port
1 X External Clock port,support high precision atomic clock connection
1 X power input ports 
1 X GSM antenport 
User interface  
5 X Instructions LED
2 X Button
Web user interface 
Data memory 
Onboard memory 1GB
External SD card 4GB(MAX 32GB)
Logging Rate 1Hz,2Hz,5Hz,10Hz,20Hz and 50Hz.
Maximum Logging Rate 50Hz(updated requested)
File naming optionsMultiple 
Data retrieval and transfer Network Download 
Data Management Cycle storage 
EthernetRJ45 Jack,support HTTP,NTRIP,1GSM antenna port,for GPRS wireless communication.
Wireless CPRS/CDMA
Data Formats
Correstion FormatssCMRx,CMR,CMR+,RTCM 2.1
RTCM 2.2,RTCM 2.3,RTCM 3.0,RTCM 3.1
Position/status I/ONMEA-0183 V2.30

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