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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company

Hawkvine Scanning FMCW Radar RD008 Description and Features:

RD008 is most efficient solution for wide area intrusion detection and protection. It comes with superb and accurate detection features by forming 90°, 180°, 270° and 360° arrays. As the new generation of three-dimensional perimeter security working at 24GHz waveband, integrates digital transmitters and receivers. It can efficiently detect the angle, distance, velocity of intruders. Besides, It can performance reliably under severe circumstances and has extended functions. Moreover, it can also realize the auto-adjustment and support remote alarm and remote control.

RD008 Product Features:
●With a full coverage of defense area:
It adopts mmw phase array radar for area surveillance to form a detection area of 90°, 180°, 270° and 360°.
●Various detection range for option
It has a detection range from 0 to 3000m for choice
●Multi-targets tracking
It could output the detailed position of targets, and track, record and replay the track of targets.
●Defense zones are settable:
It could be set in arbitrary shape to exclude the specific area.
With intelligent algorithm, it could be adaptable to various complicated environment.

Radar architecture:
Radar typeElectronic Scanning FMCW Radar
Operating frequency24.05~24.20GHz
Transmitted power16dBm
Multiple radar networking:RJ45
Detection modesDoppler detection of moving targets, slowly crawling targets and fast-crossing targets
Detection performance:
Target type:Man/vehicle/animals
Positioning accuracy:<1m
Numbers of tracked targets simultaneously32
Detection coverage:
Maximum detection range≥100m( for human)
≥160m( for vehicles)
Minimum detection range1m
Beam width( on the horizontal)100°
Beam width( on the vertical)13°
Refresh rate for electronically scanning8Hz
Installation height1~3m
Radar characteristic:
Modulation modeFMCW
Minimum detection distance≤0.8m
Detection accuracy±1m
Angle accuracy±1°
Maximum detection speed≤36km/h( with continuous path)
≤120Km/h (detectable)
Work environment and the size:
Working temperature:-40°C-75°C
Level of protectionIP66
 Electrical characteristics
Power supply modePOE、DC
Power consumptionDC 12V、1A

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