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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company

Hawkvine Thermal Imaging Sight HV-TC017 Description and features:

Thermal rifle scope (Night & Day thermal rifle scope) HV-TC017 is a technologically advanced night vision with microbolometer 400×300. If at any time in life want to feel really surprised by a product, this right to choose. You will find that you get into a whole new world, and probably would not switch back!

With sharpness and clarity, you see everything in the night whether there is fog, rain or snow. The thermal infrared image from the powerful sensor in sight creates an image that contains high sharpness and fine detail of quality with no nicks or flicker. By selecting a refresh rate of 50Hz, combined with a proprietary high-quality sensor reaches HV-TC017 a sharpness that is very high, while the detection range will be extremely good.

The built-in display is a 800×600 OLED which guarantees high image resolution and durability. Adjustable brightness makes you independent of light can adjust to fit your eye. To maximize usability regardless of your situation, HV-TC017 equipped with operation of 18650 Lithium battery, good choice both for use in refrigeration and ensuring that the energy source is quickly and easily replaceable in the field. 18650 is a standard battery that will not be discontinued in a hurry.

HV-TC017 is ergonomically designed and compact built for manageability and stability. All buttons and knobs are positioned for easy access in all positions and designed for use even with gloves on. Riflescope diopter adjustment is on the left side at the back and designed to adjust easily done, even with gloved hands. The number of buttons has been minimized yet been given as few features as possible. The whole concept is clearly directed against the manageability and ease of use regardless of the situation or location.

HV-TC017 is equipped with a variety of display of the image, White Hot, Black hot, red hot and the “HotBox” marking the hottest spot in the image with a box and follow it.

HV-TC017 is a product easily and in an astonishing way takes you into a new world where night never exist. You actually see a lot of things at night you would never be discovered even in broad daylight.

HV-TC017 offers users the perfect conditions to detect wildlife, people, buildings in total darkness. You achieve maximum safety in the choice of game, shooting direction. Easily detects your hit visually and follows the animal after the shot, even after they reached the forest. You can also easily detect heat loss from the house, see if any point in electrical installations are highly congested and much more.

With a compact ergonomic design, low weight combined with a quick release fitting Weaver and Picatinny rail extends the effective use area to also cover use as binoculars. As binoculars HV-TC017 is easy to use for reconnaissance, scouting for wildlife but also for the surveillance of the police and military. HV-TC017 is a high-performance rifle scope that fits perfectly into the picture whether it be controlled hunting for wild boar, demanding tracking or use within the military and police.

Want to record video from sight easily connected an external recorder to the video output on the scope.

HV-TC017 Features:
●Shutter calibration technique is available to hide for observation and aim at
●Palette image display can adjust its brightness by external light intensity;
●Ergonomics design
●Picture in Picture’ function, 2x zoom
●Single hand-operation
●Can work in -40°C
●Wi-Fi video transfer

Model HV-TC017AHV-TC017BHV-TC017CHV-TC017D
Resolution 400 X 300800 X 600800 X 600800 X 600
Pitch 25 µm17 µm17 µm17 µm
Focal Length 45mm35mm70mm100mm
FOV12°× 9°17.6°× 14°8.8°× 7.1°6.2°× 4.9°
Magnification X 1.3X 1.3X 2.3X 2.3
InterfaceRS232 VideoMicro Video  
Operation Distance 
human 1.8m X 0.5m450m500m1000m1400m
reticle YES
picture in picture YES
polarity white hot,black hot,red hot,green hot,etc
brightness/contrast Auto 
Environment Parameters
Working Temperature Standard :-20℃~50℃ Option:’-40℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~65℃

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