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Hawkvine International Company
Hawkvine International Company

Hawkvine Total Station HV-TS018 Features:
●1” accuracy for N9, 2” accuracy for TS018
●1000m/600m reflectorless EDM
●Windows CE 6.0 OS, Bluetooth standard, WIFI optional, compatible with various onboard software
●Ultra measure speed, Fine 0.3S, track 0.1s
●Data transfer options: SD card, mini USB interface
●Vertical angle: integrated unitary axis, less components. Less offset tolerance.
●Angle reading: 4 detector technology, reduce disk offset angle and rit tolerance.
●Optical path change: totally new 5 axis design, fully isolation emitting and reflect signal. Reduce optical Crosstalk.
●Circuit design change: 150MHZ ultra high measure frequency, improve measure tape accuracy, Development by self. Improve SNR (Signal noise rate)
●Clear telescope and high accuracy tribrach system, make sure pointing accuracy.
●Micro survey tile tolerance by CCD image to compensate.
●640*480 high resolution.3.5 inch display unit. Easy to read under sunshine.
●WIN CE 6.0 OS, blue tooth standard, WIFI optional.
●Ultra measure speed. Fine0.3S, track 0.1s.
●A variety of data transfer options for diverse needs, eg. SD card, mini USB interface.

Model No.HV-TS018AHV-TS018BHV-TS018C
Distance Measurement
EDM SystermLaser Class 3R
wave legnth :650-690 nm.150Mhz Frequency 
Measurement Range 
Single prism 3500m5000m5000m
Reflective Sheet 1000m1000m600m
Single prism ±(1+1ppm X D)mm±(2+2ppm X D)mm
Reflective Sheet ±(3+2ppm X D)mm
Reflectorless±(3+2ppm X D)mm
Atmospheric Correction Manual input,Auto correction 
Prism constant Manual Input 
Dist UitFreecale Sensor
Measuring Time Tracking Mode: <0.1s; Fine Model: <0.3s
Atmospheric Correction Auto Correction 
Prism Constant Manual Input 
Angle Measurement
Measurement MethodAbsolute Encoding
Dia of encoder Disk 79mm
Minimum Reading0.1″ or  1″ option 
Accuracy 1″2″2″
Detection Method Horizontal: 4 Path  Vertical: 4 Path
Effective Aperture48mm 
Magnification 30 X
Field of View 1° 30″
Minimum Focus3″
Minimum Focussing Distance 1.4m
Automatic Compensator
System Dual Axis Liquid-electric sensor compensation 
Working Range ± 6 ‘± 4 ‘
Sensitivity of Vial
Plate Vial30″ / 2mm
Circular Vial8″ / 2mm
Laser Plummet(default)
Accuracy ± 1.5mm(in 1.5m InsHt)
Wave Length 630nm -670nm 
Laser Power ≤0.4mW
Optical Plummet(optional)
Image Erect
Magnification 3X
Focusing Fange 0.5m-
Field of View 
Operate System Windows CE 6.0
Processor Intel PXA310 624Mhz
Memory128M DDR,512M NAND Flash
Display3.5Inches LCD Touch Screen 640 x 480 DPI
Communication RS-232,Mini USB,USB OTG,SD Card 
Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR,10m range 
WIFI 802.11
BatteryRechargeable Lithium Battery
Voltage 7.4 V DC
Operating Time6 Hours
Dimension 196 X 192 X 360mm 
IP Standard IP55
Working Temperature -20°C~+50°C

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